Month: February 2017

Map Making

For the past week or so I have been drawing some maps for my fantasy stories. These include: Crimson Queen and Blue Moon. Blue Moon is more of a story that I have been working on the lore and the background story of how the world came to be once the story starts. I haven’t really…

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I used to publish my blog posts on Fridays but now I think it would be better if I do this at the start of the week. That way, I can write about my progress during the week and over the weekend. However, with my schedule in choas, I don’t have a definite day. It…

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Early Year Accomplishments

  It’s not really a secret – I think – that I haven’t been reading as much as I should. However, that has changed. I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolution or anything like that. My goal, as ever, is to keep writing and working on my books. Perhaps its because I hadn’t found a…

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