Month: August 2018

Writing Prompt – Xel

The monster doesn’t answer immediately. It continues sobbing at the bottom of the stairs, curled up in fetal position. My first instinct is to help it and, before I can change my mind, I head out in the hall. On the way to the stairs, I slapped the light switch. At the stairs, I found…

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The Supporting Fans

As my pre-service training comes to an end for my teaching certification, it’s starting to get a bit rough. A lot of things aren’t lining up the way I thought they would. This also means that my writing has been effected more than I would like to admit. However saying this, there is a bright…

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Writing Prompt – Galoop

It was a strange creature. And very small. At first, I didn’t notice it but the constant galoop, like the sound shoes make when they’re soaked, gave it away. Puzzled, I pushed away from my desk. Last time I’d checked, no one had entered my room. Maybe I left the water running in the bathroom? Even…

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