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OTP Scenarios – Character Development

As a writer, I try to make my characters as 3D as possible. Sometimes, I’ll fill out entire questionnaires out for them on what they like to eat, what they do on their day off, what sort of music they listen to, etc. However, doing that for everyone can get a bit too much. I don’t always have the time and it gets a bit boring. Plus, I don’t want to force myself to do something.

Instead of filling out questionnaires, I try to picture a particular character in different scenarios. I find that this method is a bit more helpful because it lets me envision the character in motion. These scenarios can also be done with couples, friends, family, etc. Plus, they’re easy to alter because they’re in my head. Sometimes, I write them down in my idea notebook but most of the time, I don’t.

Some examples of the scenarios I envision are: Who would order drinks while the other grabs a table? How would s/he do if they found a cat stuck in a tree? Would s/he go to the store at night if they were craving ice-cream? They aren’t always like that but you get the picture.

There are various websites out there (like tumblr) that have really good scenarios and prompts to take inspiration from. In my spare time, I browse through these

Sure, there are some scenarios between my characters that would never be included in the actual story but it does help with their development off the page. New ideas tend to sprout and give me a healthy dosage of inspiration. While it doesn’t always happen, I like continuously think about ideas and what’s going on the page next.

Plus, I like having an idea of what to write before sitting at my computer. It’s a way that I prevent myself from staring at a blank page and wondering what I should write. It keeps my stress levels down and I feel more productive. If I k ow what to write, I get more writing done in on sitting.

Overall, scenarios work as a form of exercise for me. I can use them as creative prompts for my writing and my “creative” mind is always sharp. Sure, I give myself breaks but always thinking about writing and stories is really fun for me. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

It also helps during any sort of road trip or errand. I get motion sickness so I can’t read or write anything. Having scenarios play out in my head keeps me entertained and occupied.

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At Long Last

This is a bit late but better late than never. Recently, life got in the way with moving furniture and getting the new place situated. However, today I like to say that everything has been moved with only the exception of a box spring for the bed. Other than that, we’re officially moved in.

This past week, I’ve been working on character development in Crimson Queen. I haven’t mentioned that story in a while but I have been working on it bit by bit. My focus, I’m ashamed to admit, has been all over the place since getting a new place. However, now that that is over and done with, I can focus more on what I like to do. For my female lead, Lucinda, specifically, I needed to change her personality a bit.

Previously, it was more geared toward rejecting ‘female’ tasks like sewing and all that but I realized that that outlook on life wasn’t working out. Instead, I changed her dreams, so to speak. Lucinda wants a family but she also wants to follow in her father’s footsteps of mastering the way of a sword. In this way, Lucinda became a more 3-D character as oppose to being a ‘cliche’.

I will still continue to tweak her a bit to stay true to her character but I think I’m on the right path. At least, I hope I am. Plus, since ending Camp NaNoWriMo earlier this year, I have the majority of the store already in the third arc. After some more revision, Crimson Queen should be finished soon. Fingers crossed.

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Character Creation – part 1

Sometimes a character pops into my head before the actual story. There might be a small scene around the character but nothing is concrete. I don’t plan for this to happen, it just does.

So, what do I do when I have an idea of a character? For starters, I tend to know the character’s sex. I don’t know the character’s gender until way later.

Next, I think about what kind of world would this character live in? Futuristic? Fantasy? Modern day?

Once, I decide that, I look at the situation they are in. Do they struggle to pay for basic essentials? Are they on the run? Are they a gun for hire? Maybe they are a detective/ investigator.

If I can’t think of an answer, I mix and match. Would this character fit in an urban setting? Would it make sense if they were on the run? Nothing is is ever concrete at the beginning. Characters are like clay. They can be modeled as many times as they need to.

As the character takes shape, pieces tend to fall into place. A character now has a sword and a gun. The only place they drink their coffee is from a run down shop on a corner of a not so nice street. For character creation, I think it’s helpful to start with the little things.

What would their room look like? It’s a clean? Messy? Undisturbed? Do they use mouth wash? What snacks do they eat? Do they drink too much coffee? What does a normal day for them look like? What kind of clothes do they wear? Where do they buy their clothes?

There are a lot of character creating questionnaires out there and I’ve found some of them very useful. However, I don’t always need to use them. Sure it’s important to know if your character has any family, siblings, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a pet, but I found that somethings, character creation gets bog down with those sorts of questions.

At times, it feels like a job to me and it’s no longer fun. The character just slips from my mind and it never goes anywhere. I like to mull it over a bit. Keep it a secret if you will before putting it down on paper.

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Moving Forward

Just a quick drop in since I didn’t post this past week. With the team I’m working for the game, it’s really moved along. The basic story is agreed upon and, although there might be changes, we got the basics. Now I have to work on the characters, races, classes, etc. I’m trying to make a chart so I keep everything organized. I also have to create a character creation sheet so that the team can make their own companion characters.

On a side note, I’ve been editing and writing here and there with Phantom Blade and Crimson Queen. Both of which are on wattpad.

The website had a change and I even added a writing samples page. I’ll be adding more documents on that later. Plus, there are a lot more changes coming to the site.

More information on that later.

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