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Writing Prompt – Competition

“I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

Then stop looking.”

“Jasmine, this is no time for you to pretend you’re fine.”

“I’m not pretending.”

Anna sighed and joined Jasmine by the kitchen sink. “Girl, come on. You were vomiting this morning. Do you really think I wouldn’t notice?”

“It’s nothing to worry about.” Jasmine grabbed the only cup in the sink and started washing it.

“I know this competition is really important to you – ”

“Yeah, it is.”

“-but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health. I’m sure your parents will underst-”

Jasmine swirled around. “No, they won’t. Okay? I can’t just drop out. Just don’t worry about it. Go back to your room and ignore everyone like you usually do.”

Anna opened her mouth then closed it. “Fine,” she forced out. Her throat tightened.

She walked up to Jasmine and touched her arm. “But if you feel sick or anything, call me. I’ll come pick you up.”

Jasmine shrugged her hand off. “Don’t bother. I won’t feel sick.”