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My Writing Schedule

Like most writers, I often struggle with having more than one project on my mind. Usually I take it a step forward and start writing said other project without finishing the first one. This cycle continues over and over again and I feel like I never get anything done.

I’ve been struggling with this dilemma for a long time. I always dreamed of “making it as a writer”, but I could never get past “I need a decent job to support myself”. While the latter is true, I feel like I haven’t’ done enough to follow that dream of “making it as a writer”. It’s not like I’m blaming anything or anyone for that. Teaching takes a lot of hours of the day during the school year. And yet, it sort of feels like it’s also an excuse?

With all those thoughts, I’ve finally buckled down on myself this month. If I wanted my writing career to go anywhere, I needed to start making some changes. I limited myself to two stories I can work on. Everything else needed to wait. The first one, is a novel that is in the midst of being written. At least, one chapter a week since I’m posting it on Wattpad first. The second one is a story that I’m editing/rewriting. So, one story to write and one story to edit.

With that in mind, I needed to figure out how much time I could dedicate to each story. Now, I can’t say what or how it finally clicked for me. To be honest, I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. It now seems so simple. I know my writing habits and how I like to procrastinate on certain things.

Even though there’s only seven days in a week, I decided to divide the week. You’d think that would be an easy thing for me to figure out, but apparently it wasn’t. The simplest things are always the hardest. So, I decided to dedicate the first three to four days of the week, editing three chapters of one story. The rest of the days are dedicated to writing. Of course, this only works when I have the plot details ready for that story.

Needless to say, I tried it this past week and it worked. However, it’s more than doing it. It also came with the discipline of knowing what I needed to do and executing it. Discipline played a huge role in keeping to the schedule. I stayed up late one day to make sure I got more writing done.

As it stands, if I can follow this schedule for the next two to three weeks, then I will know that it works for me.

At least with this, it won’t make writing a chore and I’ll have more fun with it. Maybe in the near future, I will start on the first step of “making it as a writer”.

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Back in the Saddle

After the long vacation, I took from writing, I like to say that I’m back.

The last time you heard from me was that I was getting married and I apparently forgot how to time manage a lot of things. However, I’m here to say that I’m happily married and, now that everything has calmed down, I’m ready to restart my writing adventure. Truth be told, I didn’t exactly stop altogether but I wasn’t as focused on it as I should have been. I had been updating my Wattpad story, The Vampire Prince Returns to High School, as well as, continuing to rewrite The Vampire Princes goes to High School (the first in the series).

As it stands now, I want to focus more on getting my novels published. I can’t say that this is my New Year’s resolution mostly because it’s something that I always wanted to do and it’s not new. I have started looking for potential agents for a novel of mine I’ve titled Clan of Ash as motivation to finish revising the last handful of chapters. Sending out queries is a little too early at the moment but I’ll use whatever works to get me motivated.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has followed me. I hope to update more frequently in the future. I don’t have a schedule yet. I’m going to play it by ear and see how it goes.


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Catching Up

It’s been an exhausting two weeks and I finally got a breather.

This past week I had a family emergency put a stop on everything I had planned. Everyone is alright but the house isn’t and, well, it was a lot to take in. Still is but we’re managing. I’m trying to get everything back on track but, quite honestly, I don’t know where to start.

I do have some good news. Plans for the wedding are moving forward. My maid of honor has found the perfect color and I’m looking for wedding invitations now. I got offered a job that will help me continue on the path of becoming a teacher. I haven’t changed from what I want to do (be a full-time author that supports me) but, honestly, I don’t mind being a teacher as a day job. Eventually, I’d like to teach creative writing and I think it’s a good way to go.

Among other news, I did learn how to crochet and I have gotten decent at it, if I do say so myself. I’ve got about 10 or so small projects completed.

Though I am a few days behind, I do plan on participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for July but as I mentioned before, I’ll be focusing on revision. There is some stuff that I have to figure out with the website since the layout is different from actually writing but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Hopefully by next week, I’ve gotten back into the flow of things.

Wish me luck. Have a great weekend.

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Plot Twist – Revisited

plot twist ideas

Plot Twist Ideas

What is a Plot Twist?

A plot twist is a literary device where the author subverts knowledge that a reader already knows or think they have figured out. It’s used to disrupt the flow of the story in a new direction. It’s also used to prevent stories from being predictable.

My two cents

In my writing, I don’t tend to think about plot twists from the start. At times, I don’t think about them at all. It just so happens that as I write, I suddenly think of a twist an include that in the novel. Usually, I think of this as something that just developed from my writing as opposed to purposely knowing I was going to put that plot twist in the story.

I believe that to purposely put in a plot twist, you have to know from the beginning that there is a plot twist. Or at least, had a vague idea of one, otherwise it would seem like the whole idea was shoe-horned in. There’s a fine line between coincidence (and it just happened to turn out that way) and forcing something to happen that shouldn’t. In those instances, the plot twist doesn’t seem natural.

Plot twists aren’t necessary, in my opinion, to make a good story. There might be surprising turn of events but I don’t consider that a plot twist specifically. I feel most plot twist are used in crime/ mystery fiction. Much like romance, there is a certain formula those genre novels follow. IMHO, plot twists are part of that formula.

Whether a novel needs a plot twist or not, is up to the author. Is there such thing as too many plot twists? I would say no but use it sparingly. As a reader, my heart can’t take too many roller coasters so, please be mindful. As an author, I’d use it sparingly when I intentionally use a plot twist.

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Quick Update

In the past few weeks, life has been moving too quickly. I haven’t had much time for some “me” time. There have been some set backs in the whole wedding planning but I think I have it back on track. Not to mention that there’s a lot of things I have to do until that special day. Luckily, I was able to find the PERFECT DRESS all in two hours. I’m glad that I was able to get that out of the way. At least now I have a some time to start looking at invitations and all that good stuff.

Unfortunately, my blogging has come to a stand still. Hopefully, I’ll find some breathing room and still post on here. I have found some wiggle room to keep working on a synopsis but it’s not much. Everything is on a snail’s pace right now but at least there’s some progress. I’ll have to wait and see how that goes.