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Experiment Failed

So, you know how I was going to type up half my word count earlier in the day and the other half later that day? Yeah, no that failed. It wasn’t because I had to get groceries yesterday or an…

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NANOWRIMO characters 


There’s a few weeks left before National Novel Writing Month starts and I’m already panicking. Kind of. I have the beginning of the story mapped out and I know how my lead will get involved into the developing plot. However, thinking about it, I don’t have a lot of characters. I have two as the lead and maybe five as supporting characters with moderate to little interaction between all of them.

As I think about the middle segment of the story, I have started to come up short. I have a few characters in mind to further develop the story but that’s about it. I don’tlike to create characters and not use them otherwise they’re dead weight. They clutter the story without doing anything. Maybe its the fact that my plot hasn’t been completely developed or maybe is the fact that I’m overthinking all of this and I’m forgetting the most important part (that I have mentioned before): creativity. I guess the fact that I can wing it, scares me. I don’t want to get writer’s block during November.

Looking at things now, I might have to plan out the story as I write. That’s not a bad thing, not really. It’s just that I have spent so much time editing and revising, I feel as if what I know about writing disappeared and I’m not confident anymore. Maybe I just need to get back in the game and practice. We’ll find out in November.