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Writing Prompt – Superhero?


I grabbed a fistful of her blouse and pulled her back.

“I did not just spend four hours touring the entire city looking for the perfect bakery for you to get squashed by a car.”

Sheepishly, she looked up at me, her phone still in both hands. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


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Writing Prompt – Galoop


It was a strange creature. And very small. At first, I didn’t notice it but the constant galoop, like the sound shoes make when they’re soaked, gave it away.

Puzzled, I pushed away from my desk. Last time I’d checked, no one had entered my room. Maybe I left the water running in the bathroom? Even as I turned around, the dark spot on my carpet narrowed my gaze towards it.

Have you ever mistaken a pile of clothes for a creature? That was my first impression of this thing, whatever it was. Except, it was the middle of the afternoon and I didn’t have any pile of clothes on my floor.

I scoot around it and the creature just watched me. It wasn’t really watched. It had no eyes or anything that would look like a face. It was a blob like Bob from that monster movie except this was dark in nature. It reminded me of a mood ring, oddly enough.

It was the way the darkness swirled around like a bubble’s shine. There wasn’t just one color is a mixture of every color and that made it look dark.

‘Galoop,’ it went. The colors swirled again revealing a dark yellow color.

Slowly, I backed away towards the door.


The blob stretched its whole body like a tentacle and occupied a space closer to me. So, it wasn’t just going to let me leave.

What were the odds my neighbor would knock on the front door right now? 0% as luck would have it.

“Hey, er, little guy. Where did you come from?”

I wasn’t expecting it to reply and I’m glad it didn’t. It stretched out once more and moved closer. Bit by bit, I opened the door and lead the blob towards the living room. My apartment was big. It was meant to be efficient. As I stepped back, the blob moved forward.

Suddenly, it came to a stop. The colors swirled on its body and turned Green. It stood in its spot for a good minute before spreading across the floor like a tortilla.


“What are you doing now?”

No answer. Good.

“Isn’t your owner or evil creator missing you?”

Again, no answer.

The blob moved around the floor galooping wildly. I dodged around it and like a vacuum it went around the living room then moved towards the kitchen. It took me a good while to notice that my floor looked cleaner even after a good clean.

The creature formed back into the blob. This time it was completely violet. So, it liked eating dirt? That was strange but useful.

The blob stayed with me for a few days. At times, it went back into tortilla mode and “ate” before becoming a blob again. I called it Jr. and it seemed to like the name. In my free time, I combed forums, local news, international news for any information on Jr. but I never found anything.

Even though Jr. was handy around the place, there was just something odd about it – er – him? I still didn’t know if s/he had a gender or maybe Jr. just didn’t. That was fine too. It didn’t really matter. I just wanted to know where it came from.

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Court Positions – Fantasy Writing

It’s been a bit hectic this last few day. I went on a mini vacation and my connection to the internet wasn’t that great. Hence, the delay in posting. It also didn’t help that my flights kept getting moved around because of the weather. Needless to say, it was a long week.

For today, here’s a post I found on pinterest concerning court positions.

court positions