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Writing Prompt – Xel

house mate

The monster doesn’t answer immediately. It continues sobbing at the bottom of the stairs, curled up in fetal position. My first instinct is to help it and, before I can change my mind, I head out in the hall. On the way to the stairs, I slapped the light switch.

At the stairs, I found the monster still on the ground. It didn’t look like it had moved.

“Do you need help?” I asked. “Can you stand? Did you break a leg? Or claw? Antenna?”

“I’m okay,” came the croaky voice. “I tripped.”

I go down one step. “That’s nice to hear.”

The monster ‘sat up’. It was hard to tell. It also didn’t help that I didn’t turn on any lights and the only thing going for me was the light from the hall.

“So, what you doing here? Were you assigned this house or something? I mean, is that something you guys do?”

The monster turned around. Three large eyes occupied its ‘face’. Even with the light, I couldn’t tell much about it. How many limbs was it hiding? Was it blue or yellow? As I continued to stare at it, the darkness around the body smoothed out revealing silhouettes of other arms and legs.  And maybe I could see a hint of blue on it’s  . . . fur. Was it scales?

“I did get assigned to this house,” the monster replied in that same low voice.

“Huh uh. Why though? My parents are the only ones who live here. I moved out a long time ago. I’m just house sitting for them.”

The monster . . . shrugged. There was a movement in its shoulders so I guess it was a shrug.

“There’s a child here,” was all it said.

I frowned. It felt a bit insulted. “And you have to stay here?”

“I won’t get in the way. You won’t even know I’m here.”


Confused, I crossed my arms. “How long have you been here?”

“Two days.”

The monster had moved in the same time as I had. My parents left for their tenth honeymoon only two days ago.

“Well, alright. I guess you’re not bothering anyone.”

“You don’t even know I’m here.”

I shrugged. “I don’t mind company just don’t talk to the neighbors or show yourself to anybody.”

“I didn’t plan to.”

“I’m Ali by the way. What’s your name?”

The monster looked at me unblinkingly. “Name?”

“Yeah, what are you called?”

It didn’t answer. A pang of guilt twisted my stomach. Way to be insensitive.

“No matter,” I quickly said. “From now on, your name is Z . . . Xel.”

“Then, I’m Xel.”


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Writing Prompt – Galoop


It was a strange creature. And very small. At first, I didn’t notice it but the constant galoop, like the sound shoes make when they’re soaked, gave it away.

Puzzled, I pushed away from my desk. Last time I’d checked, no one had entered my room. Maybe I left the water running in the bathroom? Even as I turned around, the dark spot on my carpet narrowed my gaze towards it.

Have you ever mistaken a pile of clothes for a creature? That was my first impression of this thing, whatever it was. Except, it was the middle of the afternoon and I didn’t have any pile of clothes on my floor.

I scoot around it and the creature just watched me. It wasn’t really watched. It had no eyes or anything that would look like a face. It was a blob like Bob from that monster movie except this was dark in nature. It reminded me of a mood ring, oddly enough.

It was the way the darkness swirled around like a bubble’s shine. There wasn’t just one color is a mixture of every color and that made it look dark.

‘Galoop,’ it went. The colors swirled again revealing a dark yellow color.

Slowly, I backed away towards the door.


The blob stretched its whole body like a tentacle and occupied a space closer to me. So, it wasn’t just going to let me leave.

What were the odds my neighbor would knock on the front door right now? 0% as luck would have it.

“Hey, er, little guy. Where did you come from?”

I wasn’t expecting it to reply and I’m glad it didn’t. It stretched out once more and moved closer. Bit by bit, I opened the door and lead the blob towards the living room. My apartment was big. It was meant to be efficient. As I stepped back, the blob moved forward.

Suddenly, it came to a stop. The colors swirled on its body and turned Green. It stood in its spot for a good minute before spreading across the floor like a tortilla.


“What are you doing now?”

No answer. Good.

“Isn’t your owner or evil creator missing you?”

Again, no answer.

The blob moved around the floor galooping wildly. I dodged around it and like a vacuum it went around the living room then moved towards the kitchen. It took me a good while to notice that my floor looked cleaner even after a good clean.

The creature formed back into the blob. This time it was completely violet. So, it liked eating dirt? That was strange but useful.

The blob stayed with me for a few days. At times, it went back into tortilla mode and “ate” before becoming a blob again. I called it Jr. and it seemed to like the name. In my free time, I combed forums, local news, international news for any information on Jr. but I never found anything.

Even though Jr. was handy around the place, there was just something odd about it – er – him? I still didn’t know if s/he had a gender or maybe Jr. just didn’t. That was fine too. It didn’t really matter. I just wanted to know where it came from.

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Writing Prompt – Alien Magic

Camp NaNoWriMo has come to an end. By some miracle, I was able to complete my monthly goal of 30k words. Due to school and work, 30k words were all I could manage this month and even that proved a bit tricky. Starting in November for NaNoWriMo, I will actually try to write 50k words. There’s a lot of preparations to do for then.

For today, though I usually share some of my writing, I will only post writing prompts that I like. I’m going to take a small break from writing and recuperate.

alien magic


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Writing Sample – Jewel Knights

Instead of a writing prompt, today I want to share something that I wrote. It’s a story that I created a long time ago but it has only recently made any progress. Somewhere online, that I don’t remember now, I read that oneself isn’t a bad writer. It just so happens that your current skills aren’t enough to realize the image/ ideas that you have in your head. This resonated a lot with me. That’s why, I’m proud to share what I have written.

A light rainy mist began to fall against the stained-glass window as Lydia stood motionless in the headmistress’s office. The soft rain kissed the window portraying the first wave of the heaven stars falling from the sky. Lydia could feel the warmth from the fire burning in the hearth to her right against her body. The warmth had seeped into her clothes, relaxing her muscles and spreading a small drowsy spell upon the trainee. But despite the warmth and the laziness of the day, Lydia remained in her posture; hands straight down her sides, back straight and eyes looking forward.

               The headmistress shuffled around a few parchment sheets upon her large oak desk. Her head dress was titled slightly back exposing white blonde hair. Upon entering the room half an hour ago, Lydia had noticed the dark circles underneath the usually cheerful brown eyes. On further inspection, Lydia could faintly see all the flaws in the headmistress’ attire; the wrinkles and the once beautiful shade of beige had turned into a light yellow.

               “You graduate in six months.”

               “Yes ma’am,” Lydia answered, tightening her stance.

               She waited for a few minutes hoping the headmistress would keep talking. However, the silence continued.

               “If I may,” Lydia began. “Why exactly have you summoned me?”

               “Do know about the town of Loukussa?”

               “It’s a mining town,” Lydia supplied. “They located near the Artican Mountains. It’s not very prosperous at the moment because of the lack of use for Kravite.”

               “A heaven star fell near Loukussa a few moons ago,” the headmistress explained. “The Northern Order sent in their warriors and they were successful.”

               Lydia frowned but kept her silence.

               “However, activity has been reported near that area and Gylaw fears his followers are starting to think of him as incompetent. Due to this, Gylaw has called in a favor.” The Headmistress placed the parchment sheets on her desk. “The Northern warriors’ faces are known, and we want to keep this a discreet as possible. If you return from your mission successfully then consider yourself a Jeweled Knight.”

               “Thank you for the opportunity, ma’am,” Lydia said. “I won’t fail.”

               “You are to report tomorrow at the east gate. Further instructions about your mission will be provided then.”

               “I understand.”