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Writing Sample – Jewel Knights

Instead of a writing prompt, today I want to share something that I wrote. It’s a story that I created a long time ago but it has only recently made any progress. Somewhere online, that I don’t remember now, I read that oneself isn’t a bad writer. It just so happens that your current skills aren’t enough to realize the image/ ideas that you have in your head. This resonated a lot with me. That’s why, I’m proud to share what I have written.

A light rainy mist began to fall against the stained-glass window as Lydia stood motionless in the headmistress’s office. The soft rain kissed the window portraying the first wave of the heaven stars falling from the sky. Lydia could feel the warmth from the fire burning in the hearth to her right against her body. The warmth had seeped into her clothes, relaxing her muscles and spreading a small drowsy spell upon the trainee. But despite the warmth and the laziness of the day, Lydia remained in her posture; hands straight down her sides, back straight and eyes looking forward.

               The headmistress shuffled around a few parchment sheets upon her large oak desk. Her head dress was titled slightly back exposing white blonde hair. Upon entering the room half an hour ago, Lydia had noticed the dark circles underneath the usually cheerful brown eyes. On further inspection, Lydia could faintly see all the flaws in the headmistress’ attire; the wrinkles and the once beautiful shade of beige had turned into a light yellow.

               “You graduate in six months.”

               “Yes ma’am,” Lydia answered, tightening her stance.

               She waited for a few minutes hoping the headmistress would keep talking. However, the silence continued.

               “If I may,” Lydia began. “Why exactly have you summoned me?”

               “Do know about the town of Loukussa?”

               “It’s a mining town,” Lydia supplied. “They located near the Artican Mountains. It’s not very prosperous at the moment because of the lack of use for Kravite.”

               “A heaven star fell near Loukussa a few moons ago,” the headmistress explained. “The Northern Order sent in their warriors and they were successful.”

               Lydia frowned but kept her silence.

               “However, activity has been reported near that area and Gylaw fears his followers are starting to think of him as incompetent. Due to this, Gylaw has called in a favor.” The Headmistress placed the parchment sheets on her desk. “The Northern warriors’ faces are known, and we want to keep this a discreet as possible. If you return from your mission successfully then consider yourself a Jeweled Knight.”

               “Thank you for the opportunity, ma’am,” Lydia said. “I won’t fail.”

               “You are to report tomorrow at the east gate. Further instructions about your mission will be provided then.”

               “I understand.”


Kassandra Carrillo received her B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. She enjoys writing dark paranormal fiction. However, she has dabbled in writing fantasy as well, science fiction, western, short stories, poetry, and scriptwriting, but she prefers writing novels. When she's not writing, Kassandra likes to crochet, practice her art, and stream video games.

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