Lately, I have been going through the multiple files on my (other) flash drive and through my idea notebook and all the other mediums I have for keeping track of all the ideas in my head. During this search, I came to a realization that most of all my stories lean toward the paranormal type of genre. I say most because I have two maybe three fantasy stories, two science fiction stories and the rest are paranormal ideas.

However, I have been researching the market in order to get my book publish, sending out query letters, and seeing what time of books are being read. I know it’s a tough market for anyone to sign a contract with a publisher but it happens and it’s awesome. The paranormal market is very tough to get into too. There are a lot of amazing books out there that fall under paranormal. Paranormal romance isn’t a big thing for me because, although I have a subtle romance subplots in my stories, it doesn’t encompass the entire story.

Ultimately, I don’t think I can write anything else but paranormal (at the moment). Something about the whole concept – I just can’t get out of my head. Characters and scenes just appear out of nowhere even though they don’t belong to a particular story. Sure, I want to write some fantasy but I don’t think that  would be any time soon. I think it is because of this that I sometimes doubt myself. Should I try writing something else that isn’t paranormal? Self doubt just keeps piling up.

Sure eventually, I go back to my writing and I get hyped up again and keep working hard. The paranormal genre just has this hold over me. I just can’t over the element with magic and awesome creatures. I have an addiction and I just can’t stop. In a sense, I feel confident in my writing but in another sense, I just want to burn it because it is no good. Thinking about it now, it’s not like I would ever compare my manuscript with someone else’s work. To me if just one person liked my book that would be great.

So why do I keep writing?

Because what else am I supposed to do with all these ideas?


4 thoughts on “Paranormal

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